Delta Wireless Emergency Prepared

Are You really Prepared?

Recent newscasts describe major national disasters striking urban and rural communities where emergency communications systems failed to protect the first responders and the public.

Manufactures recommend a PM each year for both Infrastructure and Subscribers by a certified CET technician.

Has your radio equipment been CET certified to meet manufacturer’s specifications?

If not...

  • You could be at risk to lose communications at a critical moment when you need it the most
  • The safety of your First Responder is at risk daily
  • Your Public Safety work environment is unsafe
  • Confidence of First Responders to perform dangerous tasks is diminished
Radio equipment not maintained properly becomes degraded causing loss of range, loss of building penetration and unintelligible communications for both the 911 dispatchers and First Responders.

Delta Wireless has 21 years of experience in the Mission Critical Public Safety space. We utilize only experienced CET certified RF technicians and precisely calibrated test equipment along with best practices methodology. Many service providers do not meet this quality performance standard. Delta’s on-site Preventive Maintenance services are the Public Safety standard.

Delta provides hundreds of preventative maintenance system and subscriber certifications each year throughout Northern California. We service most brands.

Don’t take a chance with the most critical part of your First Responders' lifeline. Be prepared for every critical moment. Contact us for a free budgetary or “best and final” quote today.