A Better Wi-Fi Experience

Delta Wireless has partnered with Samsung Wi-Fi to provide our customers with enterprise level indoor and outdoor wi-fi solutions. Samsung brings decades of expertise in cellular networks and mobile devices to its Wi-Fi solution which is a fancy way of saying “We know wireless better.”

What Makes Samsung Wi-Fi Different?

We’ve made Wi-Fi work a lot more like the cellular network in terms of things like handover, traffic scheduling, security that delivers a unique Wi-Fi experience.

What Makes Samsung Wi-Fi Better?

As the world’s industry leader in mobile devices, connectivity is something we know a lot about. With billions of dollars in R&D investments and more than three decades of cellular LTE expertise brought to bear, Samsung offers the market a whole new level of blazing fast, high density, high capacity, higher throughput, carrier-grade Wi-Fi that’s redefining the very concept of connectivity.

Whether an Internet of Things (IoT) application or a complex deployment, we’ve got you covered, literally.

What’s more, we’ve made Wi-Fi work more like the cellular network in the areas of handover, traffic scheduling, security and much more.

The Samsung Difference

Samsung Wi-Fi solutions are designed to accommodate emerging applications and requirements, including the Internet of Things (IoT). This flexibility extends the WLAN’s service life and enables administrators to take advantage of new applications and devices to further increase productivity, efficiency, and security.

Samsung’s relationships with mobile operators, as well as its work with cellular and Wi-Fi standards organizations, gives it unique insights into how wireless technologies, devices and applications will evolve over the next decade. This vision enables Samsung to design its Wi-Fi solutions to accommodate many of those changes. That flexible, forward-thinking architecture helps decision makers extend the life of their WLAN investment while quickly and cost-effectively capitalize on emerging trends.