New Technology for an Experienced Generation

While more babies are being born now than any other time in history, our population is steadily growing older. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, people over the age of 60 accounted for 11.24% of the world population. In 2020, it’s expected to reach 13.72%. People are living longer and adapting to our ever-changing world.

And that includes being connected like never before.

Solutions for Hospitals, Clinics and Care Facilities

Technology Isn’t Just For Kids

Seniors are becoming increasingly attuned to technology. They are using email, social media and video chat to keep up with loved ones, while shopping online and using mobile banking apps to handle their finances.

Senior Living Facility Staff Are Falling Behind

Owners and operators of senior living facilities routinely say their communications systems are behind the times. At most facilities, staff are still using walkie-talkies, Wi-Fi is limited to offices and health records are stored primarily on paper. Read this solution brief to understand the key Wi-Fi applications for senior living communities. 

The Endgame for Gamification in Healthcare

Healthcare isn’t all fun and games, but remote patient monitoring could be. Modern medical providers are looking to technology for new ways to boost patient engagement in healthcare, track patient progress between visits and achieve better health outcomes. And some fun and games might be just what the doctor ordered.

Featured Wi-Fi Solutions

Wi-Fi is Redefining the Future of Assisted Living

6 in 10 seniors are online. 28% Reduction in emergency visits by senior residents through Telemedicine. View this infographic to see interesting stats on how Wi-Fi is re-defining the future of assisted living facilities and enabling smarter aging.

View the Infographic.

Designing a Secure Wireless Healtchcare Environment

Nearly 90% of healthcare organizations suffered at least one data breach over the past two years, with an average cost of US$ 2.2 million per breach. In 2016, one in three healthcare recipients is expected to be a victim of data breach as per IDC’s Health Insight. Follow these 5 best practices to design a secure wireless healthcare environment.

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