Redefine Your Guests Experience

Giving your guests a place to sleep is no longer enough. They need to feel just as connected as they would at home. Today’s hotel patrons expect more than a bed, a roof and a bathroom. Whether for pleasure or business, they want their stay to be memorable and productive. That means they need a wireless network that gives them the ability to stay connected to their world outside of the room.

  • Guest satisfaction begins and ends with being able to connect easily and securely
  • Business meetings and conferences need a robust Wi-Fi network that can handle their data-intensive bandwidth and a multitude of devices simultaneously.
  • Hotel staff needs to be able to communicate from floor-to- floor and room-to- room without loss of signal to maintain a high level of efficiency

Solutions for Hotels

Secure and Personal Wireless Access that Meets Guest Expectations

The Keating Hotel originally provided basic, complimentary Wi-Fi for its guests and employees. The Wi-Fi network was unsecured, so anyone within range could access and use the network. With so many guests and unauthorized users simultaneously accessing the network, the hotel’s Wi-Fi experience did not meet guest expectations


How Hotels are Optimizing Wireless Connectivity

With an influx of travelers seeking wireless accessibility at a superior speed, lodging facilities must be equipped with the tools to meet the demands of today’s smart, savvy guests – as this hotel did without interruption.

IoT Hospitality Technology Cuts Costs and Improves Guests’ Experiences

With the focus in the hospitality industry on decreasing costs and being environmentally conscious, IoT technology is a natural fit. According to the Hotel Business Review, the hospitality industry should embrace IoT as a way to step up its energy efficiency efforts in three key areas.

Hospitality Featured Resources

Ambassadors Bloomsbury Transforming Hotel Communications

“We looked at different systems and everybody else offered access points from one brand and the phones from another. Samsung was the first company that said, ‘No, we’ll provide you with everything’,”

Francisco Ventura, General Manager, Ambassadors Bloomsbury 

Reduce TCO and Improve Guest Experience with High Density Wi-Fi

Learn how KAL hotel has introduced Samsung’s wireless LAN infrastructure in lobbies, restaurants, ballrooms, reduced the TCO by using a single AP to provide the wireless Internet services to many rooms. and improve customer service and convenience with the wireless Internet service in rooms and ballrooms.

Read this case study.

Tech-Savvy Travelers Seek Exceptional Connectivity

A recent survey of thousands of hotel customers from revealed that 53 percent of hotel guests wish free, stable Wi-Fi connectivity was a standard amenity. The social media posts sampled indicated that customers are willing to pay for Wi-Fi, but generally consider it a perk when a hotel offers complimentary Wi-Fi.