Simple Wins When You Reach Beyond the Front Door

Stay connected to every store guest and improve their shopping experience before, during and after the sale!

Samsung Wi-Fi Benefits for Retail

Provides Robust, Seamless and Secure Wi-Fi

Samsung's Wi-Fi meets the needs of all your stakeholders - customers, sales associates and administrative staff.  We easily enable targeted promotions to be sent to returning as well as newly identified customers through easy, secure authentication and automated connectivity.  We drive successful strategies for sales associates based on foot traffic data including creation of applications that influence purchases and boost satisfaction.  Best of all, Samsung Wi-Fi is easy to deploy, install and administer!

Elevates the In-Store Connected Shopping Experience

Samsung Wi-Fi elevates the in-store connected shopping experience by delivering real-time, seamless and more personalized content for better customer engagement; supporting BYOD policies for employees and initiatives such as Mobile PoS devices, self-shopping/ other social applications; enabling technology for inventory management and other back-end processes; supporting notifications, product availability in nearby-stores, and facilitating identification of customers and influence sales for top line growth.

Equips Store Associates to Close More Sales

Richer voice & video Wi-Fi communication to influence in-store customer purchase decisions; interactive mobile concierge for real time engagement; proximity marketing with integrated beacons and digital signage solution; fully compliant and secure mobile PoS; Wi-Fi analytic for targeted promotions, and many more capabilities that facilitate effective in-store customer engagement and omni-channel experience.

Connectivity Matters

The Internet of Things Creates Supply Chain Operational Efficiencies

Omni-channel retailing is adding new complexities to an already competitive environment. As a result, retailers are leveraging innovations related to the Internet of Things (IoT) as a means of tightly merging the physical and digital worlds, optimizing supply chain operations and improving the customer experience throughout the value chain.

High-Potential Retail Beacon Technology Requires Patience and Planning

Retail beacon technology offers many benefits. Find out how to develop a strategy that helps your

Successful Multichannel Retailing Depends on Technology, Strategy

Multi-channel retailing is critical for the success of today’s merchants. Modern retail customers don’t make purchases solely in stores or online; instead, they tend to shop across channels, often starting research in one channel and completing their purchase in another. In moving from channel to channel, consumers expect to have a seamless customer experience.